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I did this little thing a long time ago during my depression, so I wanted to see how things have changed. 

Use lyrics to describe... 

Yourself:  "For a Queen in a robe, or a knight on a steed, can't you see I'm just a child on [her] knees?" -Save Me, Globus

One of your friends: "Your eyes, they shine so bright. I want to save that light." -Demons, Imagine Dragons

Your significant other or crush (If you have one): "Slip the jesses, my love. This hunter you own from the hood to the glove. When the circling and striking are done, and I land, let me come back to your hand." -Hunter, Heather Dale

Your life: "Some like to sleep, we like to play. Look at all that pain." -Fake Your Death, My Chemical Romance

The place where you live: "It's wild like the river, it's warm like the sun. Yeah, it's here, this is where I belong." -Where I Belong, Bryan Adams

Love: "What a crime, such a beautiful crime." -Guilty, Beauty, Love -Vic Mignogna

Hate: "Did it not kill you too? What had led you to the dagger, my friend?" -Daggers Speak Louder than Words, Alesana

Pain: "Words you say that we can't see, they hit and they are killing me" -Nonsense Speaker, (Cover) JoyDreamerJourney

Sex:  I'm a virgin

Someone you used to love: "And after all the blood that you still owe, you're still a good-for-nothing-...I don't know" -I Don't Love You, My Chemical Romance

An ex: "You my friend, you're a lot like them. But I caught your lie, and you know I did." -Firefly, Breaking Benjamin

Something you regret:  "Were the last words that I wrote for you enough to tell you..." -The Last Three Letters, Alesana

Your childhood: "Terrified at what I'd be, as a kid from what I've seen." -Summertime, My Chemical Romance

Your current mood:  "I hope you're ready for a fire fight, 'cause the devil's got your number tonight." -Save Yourself, I'll Hold them Back, My Chemical Romance 

What you think of the people around you:  "Well this could be the last of all the rides we take, so hold on tight and don't look back." -The Kids From Yesterday 

Someone you hate:  "It's a crime you let it happen to me. Never mind, I love it, easy to please. Never mind, forget it, just memories in page inside a spiral notebook." -Forget It, Breaking Benjamin

Someone you USED to hate:  ....

Emo kids:  "You're never gonna fit in much kid" -Teenagers

Preppy kids:  "Does the television make you feel the pills you ate or every person that you need to be?" -The Kids From Yesterday

The best day of your life:  There's not a certain day. 

The worst day of your life:  "And you said this would be forever!" -And They Call This Tragedy

What song makes you think of... (Answer with song titles.) 

Someone you love: Hunter, Heather Dale 

Someone from your past: Forget It, Breaking Benjamin

School:  I Can't Decide, Scissor Sisters

A good memory:  Save Yourself, I'll Hold them Back, My Chemical Romance

A bad memory: Congradulations, I Hate You -Alesana

The future: Vampires will Never Hurt You -My Chemical Romance

An overwhelming event in your life:  Daggers Speak Louder Than Words -Alesana

A sunny day:  White Houses -Vanessa Carlton

A rainy day:  Rain -Breaking Benjamin

The summer: White Houses -Vanessa Carlton  

The winter:  My December -Linkin Park

The loss of someone close: I Don't Love You -My Chemical Romance

Your family: No clue

Your friends:  Save Yourself, I'll Hold Them Back -My Chemical Romance

Dirty things:  Pet -A Perfect Circle

People of the music. <3 

A particular artist you wouldn't mind doing?  Jared Leto

A band/singer you currently love:  My Chemical Romance

A band/singer you used to love to death:  The Fray

A band/singer that makes you think of the one you love: Alesana

The one you hate: Alesana (Just their hate songs though)

Who do you have on a poster?:  Um...

Band shirts? Who?  Yes. Alesana and My Chemical Romance 

Been at a concert - whos?  Yeah, My Chemical Romance and Blink 182

Artist you've met: None currently

A band/singer you can't believe you adored: Taylor Swift

Who makes the best lyrics?  A tie between My Chem, Heather Dale, and Alesana

Name ten of your current favorite songs... 
(in no order)
1:: Tristan and Isolt 
2::  Summertime
3::  Europa
4:: This is Where I Belong 
5:: Welcome to the Vanity Faire
6::  Dark Woods Circus
7:: Disenchanted 
8::  Fake Your Death
9:: The Phoenix  
10::  The Promise

You and the music - together... <3 

Can you sing? If yes, good or bad? I'm not the greatest, but I can.

Do you like singing?  Yes.

Can you play an instrument? If so, what?  Um...

Are you in a band? If no, would you like to be? If yes, what's it called?  No. I do not have musical talent.

What genre do/would you play?  Most likely rock or Celtic music

For how long have you been listening to music, really? Awhile

Do you watch music channels such as MTV?  No

Your favorite genre: Rock 

The genre you hate the most: Rap

Currently favorite song: Europa -Globus

A song you just CAN'T stand nowadays:  Anything by Blood on the Dance Floor

Okay, enough of this. Was the survey alright? Sure.

So, I am still depressing but it's more of a deeper level of thinking and less sadness.
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Đžaklen Mijat
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello, I am Đžaklen or just Jaclyn ^^ You may also call me Croatia, B, Nikolina, Butterfly, or Toby~

I am 16 years old and in the 11th grade. My absolute passion in life is writing and I would love to spend my days writing as if it was the only way I could survive.

My current obsessions are the following: Hetalia, Death Note, magic, Pokemon, supernatural creatures, history, and the Balkan countries. My biggest dream is to one day live in Croatia (though I still have much to learn ^^").

Please. do not be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite~

BT EN Language Level stamp4 by Faeth-design Croatian Language Level: Beginner by gaaradesert6 Russian 3 by Faeth-design

I don't have much. Just a pen and a paper thin dream

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