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The warm water from the shower felt good against your skin. Though the water and steam created a warm environment, the chill of the winter still hung in the room like a vulture waiting to pick off the defenseless. But the chill only made the water seem more inviting. A wordless tune escaped your lips as you hummed, not quite sure where the melody originated. Your eyes were sealed as the shampoo laced water ran down your face and body before disappearing down the drain.
Briefly, you wondered when the last time you had taken an actual shower was. It seemed like baths and showers were nothing more than a distant memory until now. Up until you moved in with the large nation, kitchen sinks, puddles, and rivers were the only resources available. A content sigh rolled of your lips as you pulled your fingers through your hair. A warm shudder coursed through you and you peeked open your eyes, curious to see if the water was running clear rather than soapy. Seeing that you were now in the clear, you decided to keep your eyes open. Russia’s grand bathroom was grand indeed. The tub itself was large, but it did not seem like the man went out of his way to make it look grand. He still managed to keep a sense of self through the homey yet lonely atmosphere that seemed to move throughout the entire home.
But Russia was not home. Due to the news of his sisters and their sudden visit, he had gone to the store with the Baltic nations, leaving you alone in the large, empty house.
I wonder how Russia feels… You wondered. The aspect of the large home being devoid of any life other than your own made a sense of loneliness take hold of your heart. The Russian man was usually alone in this house, or so you were told. Just the thought of him alone made you sad. The image caused a strange sense of determination to flood through you.
He won’t be alone ever again… because I’m here with him. You were not sure why, but the silent oath made your face flush and your heart skip a beat. Confused by the sudden emotional surge, you gripped the faucet and turned the water off. Water droplets dotted your skin and ran down your arms while your wet hair hung limply in clumps around your face. By the heat on your face, you could tell that you were probably red from the steam and hot water, much like a steamed vegetable.
Your hand shot out from behind the curtain to grasp the fluffy yellow towel that you had hung there. You snatched it off the rack and jerked it behind the steamy safety of the shower curtain and quickly dried your body with the fluffy material. The cold air felt wrong and you yearned to keep it out with the sanctuary of the towel. You shook your hair out and patted it with the towel into order to dry some of the droplets. Once you decided that your hair was dry enough, you wrapped the towel around your body and tucked the edges. Now wrapped up, you stepped out of the safety of the steamy shower and into the steamy yet chilly bathroom. You shivered and walked to the bathroom door, bracing yourself for the colder environment soon to come, you placed your hand on the doorknob. Russia had laid out clothes for you in the guest room that the two of you had picked out a few hours before. You opened the door and an icy blast of air hit you. Your teeth chattered at the cold and you vainly rubbed at your arm prickled with goosebumps.
However, you soon found yourself at the door of the guest room that, hopefully, was warmer than the chilly hallway. Without hesitation, you opened the door and sprang into the comfort of the room, shutting the door behind you with a gentle push. The clothing on the bed laid in wait and still bore the tags from the shop. Eager to put them on (more for warmth than fashion), you dropped the towel to your ankles and dressed yourself. It had been embarrassing to pick out underwear with a man who more or less was your owner. But Russia had kept the same blissful attitude and seemed not to care about the fabric horrors of undergarments. The pants were casual and the shirt buttoned up.

The shaking of your hands caused you to fumble with the buttons but eventually you completed the task with minimal frustration. The chill was still apparent but the clothing helped hide you away from its grasp. You then decided to go ahead and start preparing dinner before Russia made his reappearance. The walk to the kitchen was a very uneventful one but a familiar one.

Once surrounded by the homey feel of pots and pans, you decided to set yourself into work mode and whip up something. I could make a salad… Or something… Enthusiastic about the idea, you pulled all the vegetables you could from the refrigerator and brandished a knife from the drawer near the sink. Soon the sound of the knife hitting the cutting board filled the room and a gentle melody poured from your lips. A sense of belonging filled you and a small smile spread across your face as you came to a realization.

You had a home.

A home where people accepted you for who, or rather what, you are.

Often you dreamed of such a place, but you had believed that place to be a mythical location that you could never hope to reach. But now that dream had finally be achieved by a twist of fate.

The front door opened, and you smiled, knowing that Russia had now arrived home. He had done so much for you by taking you in, and you longed for a way to prove that to him somehow. Not only did you have a roof over your head and food in your stomach, you had protection from the doctors and their needles full of foul smelling liquid.

Lost in your reflection of appreciation, you did not notice that the rhythm of the footsteps were off the pattern of Russia’s own. But you did not notice the flaw until the oddity was in the kitchen.

The presence behind you sent shivers up your spine. The energy of it was all wrong. The air held no warmth like Russia’s did, instead it was bitter, cold, and judging.

“Vy nie starejšy brat.”

The voice was harsh, cutting, and, most of all, female.

Shocked, you spun around to meet the face of a slender woman with pale features. Her hair was platinum and fair and her eyes were cold and intimidating to look at. The language she spoke sounded like Russian but you could not make sense of what she said. Half frozen with fear, you debated over what action you should take.

Her eyes remained fixated on you as if they were brandished daggers, daring you  to defend yourself with your words and maybe even with whatever you could get your hands. Something about this woman made you fear for your life.

Who is she?

Perhaps it was her nose or some other slight feature that gave the answer.

“Y-You’re early,” you stammered. Quizzically, she raised a golden eyebrow and stepped closer to you.

“Who are you, girl?” She almost snapped, her accented voice exotic yet rough. “Why are you in my big brother’s house? And why is he missing?” Her voice took on a defensive tone. You gulped, pressing yourself against the counter. Like a lioness, she stalked closer and closer. Pain stung your back as you tried to cower away from the approaching woman, pressing yourself against the counter to the point you were arched over it.

“My name is (Y/n),” you forced out, nearly nose to nose with the seething girl. “I-I live here…”

“Lies!” Hissed the woman, venom leaking in her words. “I have not heard anything of a girl living with my brother.” Racing to come up with an explanation, you stared at her petrified. It’s not like I can tell her the truth. And, even if I did, she wouldn’t believe me. What to do, what to do...

A flash of silver caught your eyes and you gasped. Dangling before you was a knife, sharp and dangerous. The woman seemed unstable, yet the weapon was held firmly in her hands. She must had moved quick and had it on her person previously or else it would not have taken you by much surprise. Face set in a menacing scowl, she pressed the knife against the base of your throat, so close you feared movement.

“Now, girl. I want you to tell me why you are here. The truth. I can smell the lies,” she ordered. By the tone she used and threat placed against your skin, you knew she meant business.
More than a Pet (RussiaxNeko!Reader) Chp 12
I'm back.
From the grave.
Of college stuff, newspaper stuff, cosplay (sorta), and Haunted House stuff.

I have risen.
And I have pulled this out of the grave with me. I'm not sure how I feel about this chapter. Obviously, things are going to get good pretty soon. With Bela in the picture, we can expect things to get a bit... tense.

Please point out any errors.

Anywho~ It's good to be back, my children. It's good to be back.

:iconchibirussia::iconsaysplz: Reader-chan does not own Hetalia or the reader. However, both belong to Mother Russia... in due time.
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Yikes... sorry... You see, I had my internet turned off for the past few months... and school...

So yeah, I have internet, and I'm back~!
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I was tagged by :iconartisticallyliterate:

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Facts about me~

1. I obsess over King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. 
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3. I may act like a seme but I am a total uke. 
4. I'm a natural blonde. 
5. I HATE sunlight
6. And dogs. 
7. Robin Hood is my hero.
8. I have a low sweet tolerance. 
9. I have a poem published.
10. My best friend claims I'm a bloated suckerfish. (As a joke).

1. Favourite flavour of ice cream?
Chocolate Chip

2. Do you play an instrument?
Um... No...

3. How do you feel about cats?
They're evil little devils and I adore them :heart:

4. Favourite song?
Currently it's White Rabbit by Egypt Central.

5. Do you like pandas? 
I guess. My little sister obsesses over them. 

6. What is your natural hair colour?

7. Have you ever been kissed?
Yeah, a few times in my life. 

8. If you could go to work at your dream job, making just enough to make ends meet, or sit in a room for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, doing nothing, and make $5000 a day, what would you choose to do?
I'm already poor so I'd pick the first one. 

9. Do you like naps?

10. Why?
Because I can dream.

My Questions~
1. Who was your childhood hero?
2. Why?
3. Seme or Uke?
4. Sweet or Salty?
5. Ever been in a relationship you deemed successful?
6. Favourite type of candy? 
7. Favourite beverage? 
8. Any interesting dreams lately?
9. If so, what was it?
10. Dream job?

I tag: 

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Yikes... sorry... You see, I had my internet turned off for the past few months... and school...

So yeah, I have internet, and I'm back~!
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Đžaklen Mijat
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
Hello, I am Đžaklen or just Jaclyn ^^ You may also call me Croatia, B, Nikolina, Butterfly, or Toby~

I am 16 years old and in the 11th grade. My absolute passion in life is writing and I would love to spend my days writing as if it was the only way I could survive.

My current obsessions are the following: Hetalia, Death Note, magic, Pokemon, supernatural creatures, history, and the Balkan countries. My biggest dream is to one day live in Croatia (though I still have much to learn ^^").

Please. do not be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite~

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I don't have much. Just a pen and a paper thin dream

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